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Reticle Maker Instructions

Welcome to the ECHO Reticle Maker where you can create, save, and share your own custom reticle designs. Before you get started, here are a few things that may help.
  • Each pixel on the display subtends 1.36 MOA
  • You will need to draw a reticle of desired size and shape on the 1x tab and a second reticle scaled up 2x on the 2x tab. This will ensure that when you zoom on the ECHO, the reticle subtensions will be accurate. You must draw a reticle on each tab even if they are the same. The ECHO1 requires both tabs have a reticle drawn on them. If you don’t draw a reticle on the second tab, there will be no reticle displayed on the ECHO1 when you zoom to 2x.
  • When using the “Grid” option, each square on the grid represents one pixel on the display.
  • The center square is filled in gray.
  • Your cursor location is shown in the lower right.
  • To save reticles or use community reticles, you will need to create an account.

Now, let’s get started.

Drawing a Reticle

  1. Click the 1x circle at the upper left.
  2. Choose your drawing tool on the right.
  3. Draw your custom reticle.
  4. Click the 2x circle at the upper left.
  5. Draw your custom reticle 2x larger than the first one.
  6. Click the Save button on the right.
  7. Type the name of your reticle and click Save.
  8. Your reticle will show up on the “My Reticles” tab.

Sharing a Reticle

  1. Find your reticle on the “My Reticles” tab.
  2. Mouse over the reticle and click the “Share” link.
  3. A confirmation window will pop up, click OK to submit the reticle.

Downloading a Reticle

  1. To download a reticle, you first must select a reticle to download.
    1. You can choose a reticle from any of the three tabs, Sig Reticles, My Reticles, or Community
  2. Mouse over the desired reticle and click Select.
  3. On the right hand side, click Download.
  4. This will download the reticle to your hard drive.
  5. Move the file to whichever folder you desire.

Uploading a Reticle to the ECHO1.

  1. Using the supplied cable, plug the ECHO1 into your computer.
  2. The ECHO1 shows up in your file explorer as a removable drive.
  3. Open the removable drive.
  4. Open the Reticles folder.
  5. Copy your saved reticle to the Reticles folder on the ECHO1.
  6. Close the folder and unplug the ECHO1.
  7. The reticle will now be available on your ECHO1.

Using your Reticle

  1. Using the joystick on your ECHO1, navigate to the reticle select screen.
  2. Toggle down to the user reticle option.
  3. Press the joystick to the right to cycle through the user custom reticles.
  4. When you have chosen which reticle you want, toggle down to the reticle name.
  5. Toggle to the right to change reticle color and line thickness.
  6. Once you have made your selections, toggle down to exit and press inward on the joystick.